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Rantatupa is designed by considering multifaceted occations.

The axe-carved greatroom has an oldfashioned atmosphere.

From the other greatroom at downstairs You can find a wood-burning oven.

Ovenmade meals are one of the most significant offerings at Rantatupa.

The ingredients of our food we find from our own farm. We also favor local and fresh offerings.

Market store 20 km
Airport / Railwaystation 35 km.
Lappeenranta 35 km.
St. Petersburg  240 km.
Helsinki  260 km.


RantatupaRantatuvan pohjapiirros

Our lakeside sauna was completed in 2005. At our wood-heated sauna You can enjoy fresh steam and freshen up in a cold water bath at the washroom or in a bath barrel outside.

When needed there’re two saunas: 

Business/Representation sauna for approximately 10 persons 

Family sauna for approximately 
5 persons 

Sauna building is located in the courtyard of Rantatupa.



Rantatuvan saunaRantatupa sauna
Rantatupa saunaRantatuvan saunan pohjapiirros
Rantatuvan saunan pohjapiirrosRantatupa sauna

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